23 November 2013

Wardrobe Top Tips: Week Four

Now that your wardrobe is organised and beautifully arranged by product and colour it is time to create a shopping list that is beneficial to your wardrobe. In the fun process of building those outfits you will have been secretly wishing for a statement necklace or a chic blazer to finish the look.

Before heading out on your shopping trip create a list of pieces that will truly enhance your wardrobe and complete those fantastic looks. Remember to not, I repeat not, add an item to the list that you already own!

Maybe take your photographs with you as a reference point and write down the list on a piece of paper rather than relying on memory. So, this week take time and consideration when writing your list ready for my next weeks instalment of how avoid temptation when shopping for those essentials. Be specific with items that you want - write necklace rather than jewellery - and remember there is no rush to purchase these items. If you don't find exactly what your looking for don't panic I guarantee you will discover the perfect item eventually.

As always we are here for any advice or guidance!

What will your list include? 

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