19 November 2013

Scarf Storage Solutions

After writing my blog post Different Ways to Wear A Scarf I came across some useful storage solutions on how to store your collection of scarves. I was amazed how many great ways there are to present and store this versatile accessory using household items.

1. knotting scarves around a hanger is a great way of keeping the accessory organised.

2. Folding scarves into a magazine rack displayed on your bedroom wall is a fantastic solution to storing scarves in a creative way. You will be able to locate your preferred one easily.

3. Draped over a towel rail, which is hooked on the back of your bedroom door offers a unique and tidy method of hanging your scarves.

4. The most innovative way is to display your scarves over what appears to be a wooden door frame  with metal rods running across the centre. This method becomes an artistic installation in the middle of your room.

Which storage solution do you prefer? Do you have any top tips yourself? We would love to hear them.

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