16 November 2013

Wardrobe Top Tips: Week Three

How do you feel now that all your items that you don't wear are gone for good? Relieved? Happy? I hope so! Let's celebrate!!!

The next step is to arrange your outfit into product type. So collecting all tops, skirts, jumpers (the list is endless) together. A top tip is to then to arrange by length and then colour i.e. All vests together followed by short sleeve tops and finally long sleeve tops.

Some people arrange their wardrobe with outfits that they regularly build, which is restricting as you will find yourself constantly just wearing those pieces together. However, with the product approach you will be able to mix and match and create new looks utilising ALL of your wardrobe!!

This is where your photographs taken previously can come in handy as you can refer back to these for ideas. Don't forget to keep inventing new outfits and experimenting to make the most out of your existing wonderful wardrobe!! Remember to keep snapping!!

Below are a few examples of how to organise your wardrobe with a few hints captioned for each one. Any questions please comment below or book in with us for a wardrobe consultation!!
This one needs to really look at lengths and products. The grouping is nearly there but I would start with tops  following with jackets as on first glance this arrangement is a little messy.

Great product grouping but could have put colours together a little better (i.e. white skirts that are similar length)
Fantastic arrangement but maybe needs to look at sleeve lengths.
Perfect example of working with colour!!
Men can arrange their wardrobes with our top tips too!

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